We get it. Ball is life. Sometimes the drive and love of the game becomes even more than just a hobby. It becomes second nature and overall a part of your everyday life.

But some baseball-loving fans SERIOUSLY took the term to heart and decided to keep their love close to home.

We’re talking footsteps close.

If there's anything people from Texas love, it’s their baseball. But amongst coming across this $10 million dream home, it’s pretty clear the previous owner meant business. Located just north of Dallas, this 18-acre gated home is a sports fan's dream.

Behind a beautiful mansion sits a turf baseball field complete to the nines with baselines, dugouts, covered seating, an adjustable mound and batting cages. If you’re still somehow not impressed, then look no further because it’s even complete with a basketball court, putting green, game room with a wall collection of NFL helmets, cabana and much more.

If they were to spin a modern-day sequel of Field of Dreams, we definitely know A-Rod would be all over that in ghost form.

The rest of the home is completely beautiful as well, like insanely beautiful. Imagine being invited over to your friend's house and they’re just rocking with a legit baseball diamond in their backyard? You could even host your own tournament here!

Though the house appears to be off the market, you can check out all of the details here.