It seems like more and more these days we’re seeing football coaches finding new and inventive ways to fool their opponents. There are still the common trick plays – fake punts, fake field goals – but we’re also seeing a wave of new trick plays as well.

Higley High School managed to pull off a particularly inventive trick play while competing in the “Chilly Bowl” vs. Mountain Ridge. In what turned out to be a double play action, Cal commit quarterback Kai Millner stood straight up and blindly tossed the ball over his head to a receiver waiting in the end zone.

That is some elite level misdirection, but it’s also a very gutsy play call. The quarterback can’t see if the defensive backs have bit on the fakes, and it relies completely on just that. It also depends on the receiver and the quarterback being 100% on the same page as where to be.

The call was a little less gutsy given that it was on a two-point conversion attempt and not an actual goal line possession, but it still takes some jam to draw that play up in the first place.

The high school named the play Dipsy Do for 2.

(H/T KOTG Media)