Bad tattoos happen. 

Bad sports-themed tattoos? They also happen.

In the latest installment of the Premature Sports Tattoos Recipients Will Probably Regret, a fan got a Knicks-themed Zion Williamson tattoo before the draft lottery results were finalized.



If you know how the lottery ended, you know how unfortunate this is. 

To be fair, this was a pretty bold choice of ink that had an 86% chance of ending as terribly as it did, with the Knicks, Cavs, and Suns all only having a league-best 14% chance of winning the lottery. 

The Knicks ended up  receiving the third overall pick, after the Pelicans, who only had a 6% chance of winning, and the Grizzlies.

This video was taken at a Knicks Draft Lottery party, where obviously, they were really trying to manifest the first overall pick into existence.







Oh, and in case you thought the tat was fake? No such luck.


Maybe this will make a great story, or alternatively, will require a great cover up.

(H/T: Twitter/MasterTes