MLB pitchers are seriously impressive athletes. Somehow, they are able to throw with relatively pinpoint accuracy, while also throwing way harder than most of us average Joe’s are capable of. Add in velocity changes, movement on pitches, and the fact that there’s always a possibility of a line drive come-backer.

Saying that, there’s a pretty good chance that a 5-year-old could toss a better pitch than one particular delivery from Kansas City Royals pitcher Jake Brentz.



Uhhh… not sure exactly what happened there. Brentz appeared to hold onto the ball WAY too long, and we’re going to go out on a limb and say this was most definitely not a strike.

To make matters a bit more awkward, Brentz was actually pitching on his birthday.



Happy birthday, Jake!

In fairness to Brentz, he went on to strike out Marte with the next two pitches.



It may be a while until we see a toss that bad again.