It’s one thing to be good at trick shots, and another to be good at darts, but this hybrid ping-pong and throwing dart trick shot is seriously unbelievable.

With a cup attached to a dart, this guy somehow bounces the ball twice and then into the cup right as it struck the dartboard. Even with replay, we’re still trying to wrap our head around this one.



OK well this is incredible 🎯 #SCtop10 (submitted by @gearup_trickshots)

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Darts aren’t common enough in trick shots. They aren’t necessarily rare, either, but there should be more trick shots with darts in them — and especially more with the target attached to them. Just an opinion.

Of course, nothing tops good old puck when it comes to trick shots, and this incredibly long-range shot by SPHL player John Schiavo probably takes the cake.


h/t Instagram/gearup_trickshots