The game of hockey resonates hard with Canadians of many generations. The NHL is celebrating its centennial season, and various events such as the NHL 100 Classic were held to honour the century millstone.  

Back in the old days when mail were one of the only ways of communicating with each other than actually speaking, you can bet that the action shots from hockey games were a common choice for postcard pictures.
Well, we may’ve discovered one of the coolest postcards around. Thanks to Reddit/Hockey user “LalalallalallaBOOM”  we have this vintage coloured postcard that supposedly dates back to 1909 of a group of women are skating on a back yard rink, and it's pretty damn cool. 

Via: Reddit/Hockey
Via: Reddit/Hockey

Have a look at those skates, which look like elf boots with that straight blade. Imagine skating on those!

The sweaters, skirts and hats are pretty snazzy, and look great in unison. And how about the ref decked out in all black? Plus, their sticks are on the ice, which would've surely made their coach happy. 

If anyone has more information about the photo, tweet us at @BarDown, because it’s one of the coolest photos we’ve ever come across, and more information would provide some great context. 

(h/t Reddit Hockey)