Ohhhhhh baby. Buckle up hockey fans, because some retro tarps are set to hit the NHL again next season!

Word on the street is that Adidas is releasing a ‘reverse retro’ set of jerseys and of course, fans are calling for… wait for it… the Statue of Liberty. At least one graphic artist designed a beauty incorporating it in the centre and it managed to catch the attention of defenceman Tony DeAngelo. A look at this sweater might make you think of a certain between-the-legs goal from back in the day…


And look, there’s an away tarp too!



It looks like a couple of Metropolitan reverse retro jerseys have already been leaked and they’re absolute BEAUTIES! The Penguins and Flyers really threw it back far with these ones:


We’ll have to see what the Rangers decide to do but wow, this would be unreal.

(H/T Blue York)