Why does it always seem like minor league baseball teams are the ones having all the fun?

When it comes to promotions, minor league organizations always seem to one up their major league counterparts. Of course, we guess that kind of makes sense, as minor league teams do have to go to greater lengths to fill their seats night in, night out. But its promotions like this 'real life' Mario game that make us oh so happy that they do go to those lengths. 

Last Saturday, the Memphis Redbirds, the Triple-A affilate of the St. Louis Cardinals, held Game Night. As part of the their promotion that evening the team turned the outfield walls into a large game of Super Mario Bros., allowing fans to play the game by running on the warning track in between innings. 


Real-life Mario? We're here for it. (via @memphisredbirds)

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The Redbirds went on to beat the El Paso Chihuahuas 10-1, but there's no way anyone in attendance remembers that result, as they were probably fixated on the idea of getting to be Mario in real-life.

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