Usually October is the first month of the NHL season, but this year is obviously different due to the global pandemic.  Instead, the 2020/21 season will apparently start somewhere in the first two months of 2021 and it's going to feature some creative elements to keep everyone safe.

One of those elements could be an All-Canadian division due to border closures between Canada and the United States, and that alone could change everything for the season.  With that in mind, this Reddit User u/PaperMoonShine made a divisional mockup for next season for every team and it's quite interesting.

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Every division outside of the Canada division has 8 teams and aside from that division, the Southern division is the only other that features teams from both the Eastern and Western conferences.

It seems like a divisional realignment like this would work and based on Bill Foley's remarks, it's something the league is looking at in preparation of the upcoming season, which we can't wait for by the way!

(H/T: u/PaperMoonShine)