Toronto has gone basketball crazy, and everyone knows it



More than that, though, Toronto has gone Kawhi Leonard crazy. 

As you may well know, Leonard’s contract expires at the end of the season, and he'll be a .

So, like one partner trying to pull out all the romantic stops in order to salvage a relationship they know is coming to an end but want desperately to save, Toronto is losing their minds. And they’re making some crazy promises to the superstar, should he decide to stay.

The first example of this is Ka’Wine and Dine, an initiative among Toronto restaurants that is promising Kawhi free food for life if he re-meat signs.




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This was crazy, and then it got crazier, when a Toronto real estate broker offered Leonard a free, multi-million dollar penthouse if he stayed.

Now, it’s gone completely off the rails, and now, a company is offering to pay Kawhi his 5-year salary up front, should he resign with the Raptors.

We’re serious.

Blockstation, a company that operates out of Toronto’s Financial District and provides international stock exchanges and their broker-dealer networks with a medium of trading digital assets. They’ve also come up with a structure that would allow Kawhi to get most of his 5-year contract up front.



On their website, they’ve also added the hashtag #KaWhyWait, in reference to him not waiting for his money, but ONLY if he signs with the Raptors.

This is wild, and honestly, we’re not even sure the CBA would allow it, but we suppose we’ll have to wait and see if Kawhi even decides to stay to figure out whether or not Blockstation has to battle with the league about this one.

The only thing that’s for certain? Raptors fans have gone a little crazy.


(H/T: Blockstation)