While the CFL Pre-Season is a time for many teams to experiment with players, schemes and formations on the field, it is also a time for their media teams to experiment with different things.

During the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Toronto Argonauts Pre-Season game last Friday, the TiCats media team decided to ask longtime CFL referee Dave Foxcroft to wear a small camera to capture some more intimate moments from on the field throughout the game. The NHL has tried their hand at ref cams before, and the TiCats wanted to give it a go to see what type of content they would get back.

The results were pretty cool, giving fans the opportunity to head out with team captains for the opening coin toss, and being right in the middle of a couple quarterback sacks.

Of course, ref cams would only be used in very limited situations; but it’s still super cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a referee.

We sit back, watch games on TSN, and play armchair referee, complaining about every call that goes against our favourite teams, but after watching the ref cam and seeing how fast things happen in front of a referees eyes, we might give them a little more leeway in those high pressure situations next time.


(H/T @hamiltontigercats)