Obviously, we’ve never won the Stanley Cup.

We imagine that when you do win the Stanley Cup, though, the amount of emotions that you’re filled with the moment that you finally fulfill a nearly impossible lifelong goal is indescribable. In fact, the scenes that follow a Stanley Cup victory are one of our favourite in sports. The emotions, the brotherhood, the family moments – every Stanley Cup victory treats us to a raw look at the way the game is so much bigger than just hockey.

T.J. and his dad, Tim Oshie, treated us to one of the most beautiful examples of that. Following his Stanley Cup victory, T.J. Oshie gave one of the all-time best hockey interviews when he touched upon his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s with this powerful moment.




Totally heart-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time.

Today, Oshie shared the terrible news that Tim, who most people simply called ‘Coach’, has passed away.



We’re keeping the Oshie family in our thoughts during this incredibly difficult time, and we’re forever thankful to ‘Coach’ and T.J. for the magical moments they let us have a sneak peek into.


(H/T: TJOshie77)