If this NFL offseason has made one thing abundantly clear, it’s that this is Tom Brady’s world and we’re all living in it. The legendary quarterback responsible for helping to craft the New England Patriots dynasty that lasted for nearly two decades seems to simply get what he wants, and after the dust settled on an offseason that he entered with so much uncertainty, just about everyone seems to think he’s set up pretty nicely.

Oh, and you want one of the game’s best tight ends to come play for a team that already REALLY knows how to catch the ball? How about the one you have proven chemistry with, and won half those Super Bowl’s with? Nahhhh, it doesn’t matter that he’s retired… come on, Tom, it’s you were talking about! 

Now a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, Brady flexed yet again with the new listing he posted for his modified Cadillac Escalade. The luxury car which he paid $350,000 for is now on the market at a cool $300,000.

In his listing, Brady sounds like he’s lost a treasured member of the family in a comically emotional description.

“Parting ways with my Becker ESV won’t be easy. From day one it became my sanctuary from the outside noise. I took pride in picking out all the customizations of the ESV; from the trim of the seats to the color of the rug. With such limited time in my busy schedule the ESV gave me those extra minutes to study my play book, make phone calls and be with my family. Immediately my productivity went up and my stress came down. I hope the next owner will take great care of her; she will always be a part of the Brady family.”

To be fair to Brady, this Escalade is an absolute thing of beauty. It looks like it could be the cabin of a private jet!


If you’d like to take a look at the full listing, it’s here!