There are some things that NHL players do that just make you scratch your head.

Whether it’s on the ice during the game or off of it, we’ve seen some hockey players pull off the unthinkable. The Washington Capitals graced hockey fans with another one of these memorable moments ahead of their road game against the Ottawa Senators.

The teams hit the ice for your typical warm-up except one thing was just off in this one. For whatever reason, (Wilson + Oshie are the only ones who can explain this), the two engaged in one of the most puzzling pre-game interactions ever made on the ice. We’ll just let you watch and see how outlandish this one was for yourselves.


A couple of observations here. 1) What on earth did we just witness? And 2) Why did Oshie get it so much worse?!

Whereas this one was a little strange, we’ve seen some other pregame routines that are actually pretty cool (and doesn’t involve getting hit in unwanted places). Take Torey Krug and David Pastrnak for example, whose is actually pretty swift.


And then there’s Mitch Marner and Tyler Ennis. We’re not really sure how to explain this one but we’ll let you see for yourself and think of a name for it.


Whatever Wilson and Oshie did worked because Washington cruised its way to a 4-0 victory. Neither managed to get on the scoresheet but hey, a win’s a win. We have a feeling this one might resurface in the future.

(H/T NBC Sports Capitals)