It’s wedding season baby, and that means one thing: time for hockey players to get weird!

The grueling season has come to an end and with time on their hands, a group of players will be tying the knot this summer. San Jose Sharks forward Tomas Hertl joined the list this past weekend, marrying his wife Aneta with his teammates on hand. After the ceremonies wrapped up, the fellas got the party going and before they knew it, a group of them were dancing shirtless together singing Baby Shark.

Of course.


Yeah… looked like the fellas had themselves quite the time.

Hertl hasn’t been the only NHLer to lock it down this summer. A couple of Leafs (well, one former and one current) recently exchanged vows with their partners and we’d like to think that the DJs at their wedding decided against playing the tune.


We’re just getting started people, this should be a fun summer!



(H/T Erik Karlsson stan account)