We get it.

Sometimes when calls don’t go your way, you feel like just tossing the closest thing you can find and raging.

But when Tony Kemp opted for tossing some ice cubes at the home plate umpire from the A’s dugout, we couldn’t help but laugh.

As the A’s took on the Blue Jays in Oakland, Kemp was not amused at all with a low strike call that he believed to be a ball.

The call led for him to strike out and be the first out in the bottom of the fifth for the A’s.

Personally, we believe the pitch was in fact a strike as it crossed the plate at the bottom of the strike zone, but we get it, some of the calls made this season have been pretty questionable.

And this reaction just makes it all worth it.

So of course, baseball fans on Twitter absolutely loved it as well!

You’ve gotta love baseball!