In our opinion, hockey is hands down the greatest sports ever.

With hockey, like a lot of sports, there is a totally different language used. Everyone in the game from players to commentators have some go-to phrases that they love to throw around. They might not even make sense but at least everyone’s grown to understand it, you know?

With that said, the hockey world shamefully uses a massive amount of clichés. They’ve been around for years and we guarantee they’ll be around for a very long time. Imagine not hearing a team yell, “pucks in deep!” I dare one team in the NHL to go a game without using one cliché. I bet that they can’t. It’s just a part of the game at this point.

Here are our top 10 hockey clichés:

“We have to take one shift at a time.”

Well, you’re going to have too. How else would we finish a game?

Translation: Keep it simple. Do the little things like passing on the stick while you're breaking out and don’t take any penalty’s, etc. There are so many strategies to win a game depending on the team you’re facing.

“You only need one goal to win.“

Really? I thought you could get away with not scoring instead.

Translation: Don’t worry about scoring five goals, just worry about scoring one and then play a defensive game.

“When you put the puck on the net, good things happen.”

You're not going to score by missing the net.

Translation: the more shots on net, the higher the percentage your team will have of  actually scoring. Even if it’s a flutter puck, that’s better than hitting the glass.

“More traffic in front of the net.”

Translation: Basically, when more players are in front of the net, it gives the goalie a hard time to see the puck. It creates an easier opportunity for the defence to score from the point or adds more people to grab a loose puck for a rebound / deflection.

“You gotta give it 110%.”

How do you give more than 100%.

Translation: Play the best level you can possibly play at.

“We need to play a full 60 minutes”

How else would you finish the game.

Translation: Don’t take a shift off. Make sure you’re playing your best and doing everything right on every shift. There’s not a lot of room for mistakes.

“Play dirty.”

You shouldn’t air your equipment out all year?

Translation: If you’re playing an aggressive team that’s known for being rough, play to their level. Finish your checks, be tough in the corners, and don’t let the ref see you cross check if you do.

“Do or die game.”

A little morbid, don't you think?

Translation: This game will really affect your standings in the league, or might kick you out of the playoffs or tournament.

“Keep your stick on the ice”

How are you supposed to play hockey without one?

Translation: If your sticks are not on ice you might miss a pass or opportunity in front of the net.

“We have to play our game.”

Who else’s game should we play?

Translation: Stick to what you’ve been learning all year in practice. Don’t get sloppy and work as a team!