White tape or black tape? Cage or fish bowl? Heel-to-toe or toe-to-heel?

Hockey is a sport with a lot of duality, perhaps more than any other sport. Hockey players have strong opinions surrounding these classic hockey debates, and there’s no such thing as fence-sitting.

Who cares? Every single hockey player cares. That’s who.

If you’re trying to figure out which direction the wind is blowing on each of these debates, who better to ask then the brightest young stars about to take hockey’s significant stage?

We took it upon ourselves to ask top prospects in the upcoming NHL Draft some of hockey’s most classic debate, and they weren’t shy to offer some strong opinions.



Not a lot of flip-flip wearers amongst the young guns! As Sam insightfully points out from off screen, the showers these guys use are likely a little cleaner than the showers the rest of us use for our respective beer leagues.

The most important moment in this video is undoubtedly Conor Geekie revealing that he used to use flame tape. Absolute legend.

If you want a deeper dive around the great tape debate, here’s Corwin:



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