The NHL draft is right around the corner and to ease everyone’s nerves over it (including the players’), we figured we’d have a little fun by getting creative and hooking the players up to a lie detector test.

Yes, that was a serious sentence.

Corwin and Jesse had a chance to sit down with projected first overall pick Shane Wright and projected first round pick Matt Savoie to see how honestly they would answer some fun, but tough hockey questions. Have a watch and make sure to stay until the very end to find out if Shane Wright has a team in mind that he wants to take him…



Matt’s flow is great and all but can we talk about Corwin’s for a moment? Should have asked if he think his is better than Corwin’s instead. Also… you just knew Jesse was going to sewer Matt with that one. Let’s just all agree that they both have incredible hands!

So about that last section… Shane in no way said that he wanted to go to Montreal (or any team), but if it was Montreal that he was thinking of, he’s in luck! The Habs received the first overall pick and there’s a great chance he’s selected by them on July 7.

Wright and Suzuki down the middle… that’s a solid duo right there.


So… where do you want to see these players go?