Torrey Smith entered the NFL in 2011 after he was selected in the 2nd round of the 2011 draft by the Baltimore Ravens and he’s played different roles on different teams along the way.

Now an eight-year veteran with a Super Bowl title under his belt, Smith is more of a leader than the deep ball threat he used to be and he’s showing his leadership in many different ways, both on and off the field. On Monday, the Colonial Beach, Virginia native unveiled the plans for the brand new park that will open soon in his hometown and it’s going to be named after him.

Through a partnership with the Colonial Beach Community Foundation, Smith pledged to donate $185,000 towards the development of an outdoor recreation park in his hometown and challenged the Town to  match his donation.

Torrey Smith Park will break ground this week and will include an outdoor recreation centre with basketball and tennis courts, and will go a very long for the local youth.

(H/T Twitter/TorreySmithWR)