Travis Dermott and Zach Hyman are a part of the wave of young talent that have taken over the Toronto Maple Leafs roster, but Zach Hyman is looking to inspire the next generation of young talent.

If you weren’t aware, Hyman is an award-winning, best-selling author of several children’s books. He released his first two in 2015, The Bambino and Me and Hockey Hero, and yesterday he added a third book to his resume: The Magician’s Secret. While being known for his offence in college and junior, Hyman has become a grittier player to secure his role on the Leafs’ top line and teammate Travis Dermott saw an opportunity to poke a little fun at his new book title.

Dermott was just curious if one of the Magicians that Hyman was referring to was William Nylander or Auston Matthews.

Hyman continually receives praise from his coach for being the player that makes things easier for Nylander and Auston Matthews, saying that he does a lot of the digging to get them the puck, but he’s having a quietly productive season offensively as well.