Back in March, former MLB player Alex Rodriguez mentioned during a guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that he and Jennifer Lopez are interested in purchasing the New York Mets.

While sports have been on hold for the past few months in North America, the negotiations and talks apparently did not as A-Rod and J-Lo are still expected to buy the Mets and they reportedly have some new partners on board.

According to ESPN’s Vaughn McClure, the group now includes Brian Urlacher, Travis Kelce, DeMarco Murray, Joe Thomas, Mason Plumlee and Bradley Beal, and they’ve submitted a bid of $1.7 billion, with $300 million of that investment coming from A-Rod and J-Lo. 


"Being a former athlete and having a chance to be a part of a group trying to purchase a professional team, it's pretty cool," Urlacher told ESPN on Monday. "It's especially cool to be involved with Alex. Alex is the man. You've got Kelce, Joe Thomas, DeMarco Murray. It's great to be in a group with them.”

The group has already submitted a $1.7 billion bid, but the current top bid is $2 billion via billionaire Steve Cohen. However, current Mets COO Jeff Wilpon would prefer to sell it to the couple, according to The New York Post.

"This is a crazy opportunity,” stated Travis Kelce. “I had a chance to meet Alex Rodriguez a couple years ago and just told him how much of a fan I was as a kid of him. I'm very thankful for the success that I've had in the NFL, to have an opportunity like this come across the table. I couldn't think of a more unique set of people to be in charge of this.

"Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are a star-studded couple that have gotten to where they are because they work their tails off. And they're good human beings. I thank them for letting me be a part of this.”

The group featuring the past and present professional athletes still needs approval from MLB to move forward to the next step, but there’s a chance the New York Mets could have a bunch of celebrity owners in the near future.