Alexander Ovechkin and his wife Nastasiya welcomed a baby boy into the world on Saturday and the whole hockey world can’t get over how incredible Ovi’s summer has been.

The couple revealed that they named the baby Sergei after Ovechkin’s late brother, but that wasn’t the only interesting fact about their new child. Ovechkin is a fascinating person, which is what has made this summer so exciting for so many people, so it’s only fitting that there are already some interesting facts about his kid.

American Citizen

There are few people more closely associated with Russian pride than Ovechkin, so if Ovechkin’s son ever grows up to be a professional hockey player, there will be a very interesting decision to make. We’re sure his time will be kind of split between the US and Russia, but he would have to decide which country he would want to represent.

Alex Galchenyuk are good examples of either decision he could mak. Galchekyuk had Belarussian parents, but was born in Milwaukee because his father was playing hockey there. From the age of four on, he lived in Europe (mainly Russia), but chose to represent the USA internationally anyways. Nylander was born in Calgary, but chooses to represent Sweden internationally.

Born on 8/18/2018

A fitting day for the great 8. Admittedly, it would have been even more coincidental if Sergei was born 10 days earlier, but it’s still cool. Especially when you consider how the player he’s been tied to for so long, Sidney Crosby, also has interesting connections to his number.