When two baseball fans meet each other in the stands, it isn’t always that friendly. After all, nothing quite gets strangers mad at each other quite like rivalry. Saying that, every once in a while you end up witnessing nice moments between two foes.

On Sunday, the Washington Nationals and Colorado Rockies were squaring off in a National League matchup in Washington when a special moment between two opposing fans happened. As the story goes, a young Rockies fan was lucky enough to catch a homerun, as was a young Nationals fan. Of course they could have been slightly luckier, each of their souvenirs came off the bat of an opposing player.

Rockies fan has Nats homer, Nats fan has Rockies homer, what do you do?



What a nice moment from the two budding baseball fans. They’ll certainly keep these souvenirs for a long time, especially after getting that face time for being good sports.



Baseball needs more of this…… however it was also quite a coincidence……. So…….

(H/T SportsCenter)