It’s no secret that Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin has a goofy side to him and last night it was on full display ahead of his team’s road contest against the Calgary Flames.

It was a normal night with both teams hitting the ice for their regular warm-ups. Players were skating laps in their own end and preparing for what would ultimately be a tight-knit game. But before puck-drop, the 26-year-old noticed a fan’s beer resting up against the boards and saw an opportunity to strike. For whatever reason, he skated into the boards with a purpose and banged into the glass, knocking the unlucky spectator’s beer to the ground. It made for one of the funnier moments of the NHL season.


For Seguin, who recently signed an eight-year, $78.8 million contract, losing a beer like that isn’t a big deal. But that beverage was probably more than $12, a tough, tough loss for most hockey fans! Just gutless, Seigs.

The Stars forward has shown a knack for pulling off some truly memorable pranks. One in particular comes to mind and it involved TSN’s very own Cabral Richards. Can anyone recall the time he told his mom he was getting married on Valentine’s Day? We’re sure Mrs. Seguin hasn’t forgotten about it...


Safe to say he had her pretty good there for a second!

Seguin ultimately had the last laugh last night as he managed to score a controversial OT winner in the Stars’ 4-3 victory at the Saddledome. Let this all just be a warning: no one is safe around Tyler Seguin when he hits the ice... even if you’re on the other side of the glass.

(H/T Ubergeekpi)