The UFC is a very interesting world. The objective when you step into the octagon is to hurt your opponent badly enough that they are no longer able to continue fighting.

While it may stem from barbaric or animalistic nature, the respect shown in the UFC is like no other sport. It’s almost rare when you don’t see fighters engage in a genuine embrace after spending the last 15 minutes beating the bananas out of each other.

On Thursday, we got a very clear showing of that. With no fan noise to drown out the octagon sounds, we got an audible moment of entertainment when Glover Teixeira actually apologized to Anthony Smith while continuing to punch him.



Smith did not have a good fight, and it sounded like Teixeira was actually not feeling too good about having to continue the onslaught. While we would obviously prefer to hear a raucous crowd going wild, this exchange is certainly the silver lining to the COVID-19 precautions being taken.

Teixeira would go on to win by TKO in what was a ver entertaining bout.