Saturday, an era comes to an end as Usain Bolt will compete in the final 100m race of his career.

Bolt qualified for the final at the World Athletics Championships in style, and what we mean by that is the shoes he's wearing for his final race(s) in London are absolutely incredible.

"Forever Fastest." #UsainBolt's shoes for his final 100m race 👀 (📷: @usainbolt)

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As you can see, the right shoe has the word "Forever" on it and the left has "Fastest" on it.

Those two words aren't even the best part of the shoes, though.

No, the inside of Bolt's shoes are a reminder of how much winning he's done over the course of his career.

In honour of his last 100m race, Gatorade honoured Bolt with an video that will give you goosebumps.


Even if he somehow doesn't win this event, Bolt's legacy as the fastest man alive won't change.

Now that he's set to be out of the sport, though, there are other stars looking to take his place.


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