Floyd Mayweather is one of the all-time great boxing champions and he is about to take on one of his weirdest competitors yet.

He and Conor McGregor will face off in the ring this summer and although McGregor is not a boxer, so have given him a fighting chance because he’s in the prime of his career. Well, after watching this video, many might not have that thought for long because it doesn’t look like Floyd Mayweather has lost a step (Or a jab) over the years.

We recently got a look at his speed at a young age and it looks pretty comparable to the video he posted today.

Realistically, the main question is how much he’ll use that speed for punching. Mayweather is a master tactician in the ring, but he has done a great job evading punches over his entire career. Hopefully we’ll at least see some punches thrown in this fight that seems to have been hyped to no end.


What if McGregor & Mayweather decided on a hockey fight? 🤔🏒 . #ThumbLeague

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