You always remember your first professional goal, but it’s not always as spectacular as you dreamed!

Realistically, a goal is a goal. It doesn’t really matter whether it was a coast-to-coast, goaltender-undressing dangle, or a greasy bang-it-home-on-the-doorstep tally. But no matter what, you’ll always remember how it happened.

For Winnipeg Jets 2019 1st round pick Ville Heinola, it couldn’t have been a more forgettable first professional goal. That’s because he didn’t even really score it, Laval Rocket winger Jesse Ylonen scored is on his own team instead.

Luckily for Heinola, he’d have another highlight in the game. It’s safe to say this one would be the more memorable goal, as it won the Manitoba Moose the game in overtime.

Let’s just remember the game as a whole, sound good?

(H/T Dave Minuk)