Vince Carter’s time with the Toronto Raptors wasn’t always smooth, but it’s apparent that both sides have a great deal of respect for one another all these years later.

VC was welcomed back to Scotiabank Arena to a chorus of cheers as he checked into the game shortly into the first quarter. But cheers were not what Carter was accustomed to hearing while he spent the beginning of his career in Toronto. Questions about Carter’s effort lingered throughout his tenure in the Big Smoke and it eventually led to a rocky separation in the 2004-05 season. A reporter reminded him about some of the rougher times he experienced in the city and Carter was quick to shoot back in his post-game scrum. The 41-year-old praised the Raps, insisting he looks forward to his trips back every season.


As mentioned earlier, we weren’t messing around about the ovation. Scotiabank Arena literally erupted as he hit the floor.


Vince made sure to approach some old Toronto friends ahead of tip-off. After greeting his mother Michelle, he visited with Toronto’s infamous superfan, Nav Bhatia. VC15 is all class!


Carter didn’t do too much in the game, finishing with 3 points in a 104-101 win. It was from pretty deep, though!


Now in his 21st season, this might have been the last team we’ve seen Vince ball in Toronto.