When thinking of high fashion, especially in relation to the fits we see athletes bring to the table across various sports, typically hockey isn’t anywhere near what comes to mind in relation to couture.

Typically NFL and NBA stars are the ones we typically see bringing that extra zest to the fit game, so when Louis Vuitton decided to incorporate hockey gloves into their latest collection, we were a bit surprised, to say the least!

As part of Virgil Abloh’s SS22 collection, he decided to continue to rep the hockey community with some extremely impressive runway looks.

Did we just get convinced that hockey gloves actually look pretty good in high fashion? Uh, yeah kinda!

We don’t hate this look one bit, surprisingly, because upon first thought and not seeing these runway looks, we definitely had a few doubts but we’re more than happy to have been proven wrong.

So then we pondered the question, “Which NHL players would rock the couture runway look with some mitts?” and some of you’s even answered!

Though of course, the top two predictions were style guys P.K. Subban and Auston Matthews.

Now to wait until the day the mitts x suit combo graces an NHL arena!  ​