Happy Gilmore's extraordinary putt on the final hole of the 1996 Tour Championship will forever go down as the most impressive circus shots in the history of the sport. After Shooter McGavin and a tournament official determined within five seconds that Gilmore had to play the ball from where it lies, the hockey enforcer turned golf star proceeded to pull off a championship winning putt.

Saturday at the 2017 John Deere Classic, Kelly Kraft found himself in a similar situation, having hit his tee shot way off course. The ball landed inside a grandstand, forcing Kraft to take his shot in between a railing and a wall. Not only did Kraft kit a clean shot from the grandstand, he managed to still make par, too!

Following his fantastic play on the Par 5 hole, the PGA Tour Twitter account shared a graphic that displayed the path of Kraft's five shots.

The miraculous shot had everyone applauding Kraft's ingenious recovery shot skills. Well, almost everyone...