Tom Brady is probably one of the most dedicated athletes alive when it comes to his health and well-being. His TB12 Sports Therapy Center (and book) is one of the most talked about athlete-facilities in sport, and his diet is also notably boring in an effort to keep his body as healthy as possible.

So when it comes to drinking and partying, Brady doesn’t do too much (even though he’s had tons of opportunity to celebrate throughout his greatest-of-all-time kind of career).

Brady visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where the studio audience was dealt somewhat of a surprise. Apparently Tom can chug beer?

That’s what he told Colbert, at least. So naturally the entertaining talk show put the pieces together and organized a chug-off between the host and the quarterback. The result would certainly surprise a few.


He downed about 90% of the beer within moments of clinking glasses. There was a little spill, and there was a little bit remaining, but he even was able to down that before Colbert could get the beer down his neck.


What can’t this guy do well?

(H/T The Late Show)