Have you ever waken up in a cold sweat worried that robots might take over the Olympic games? Fear not, we have definitive prove that robots wouldn't even get close to medaling at the Winter Games.

Monday, the internet went into a bit of a collective panic after a video was released by Boston Dynamics that showed a robot that was capable of opening a door. 



You don't even have to watch Black Mirror to find that frightening. With the seemingly rapid advancement in robot technology as of recently, you may be wondering when robots will step in and start to outperform professional athletes. We may be a ways away from that, but as these robots in the "Edge of Robot: Ski Robot Challenge" showed, we're getting closer. 



The robots are definitely slower than human skiers at this point in time, but they do hold one advantage...they can take a huge spill and just get right back up and continue their run.



Well, watching humans compete against humans at the Olympics was fun while it lasted.