Hockey is an emotional rollercoaster in itself, particularly when it comes to playoff puck. When your team wins, bliss; when your team loses, devastation. Then there’s all the in between, which is an emotional ride in itself. On Sunday, one young Capitals fan got a taste of the rollercoaster playoff hockey can send you on – albeit before the game even started.

Ahead of puck drop, Brett Connolly wanted to award one young Caps fan for her adorable passion, hitting on the glass as he passed by. Connolly grabbed a puck and went to toss it over the glass to the girl. Unfortunately, the girls fully outstretched arms were not long enough to make the grab, and another kid ended up with it in his hands.

This is where the rollercoaster dips. The girls’ face will make your heart melt, and she looks on with an expression of utter sadness. Luckily, Connolly noticed and went to go grab another puck.

Back to the top of the ride! But not for long, as the girl once again has the puck caught before she could grasp it, and once again another kid was chosen as the recipient. Here we go again.

On Connolly’s third try, he finally managed to get the girl a puck, and her reaction was priceless.



The best part is Connolly banging on the glass to say “Hey, come on!” to her. Also, her agitated fist slams when Connolly is struggling to get the puck over the glass. Okay, everything about this video is awesome. Thank you to Connolly for being such a good guy about it.

(H/T NBC Sports)