Whole grain cereal with a touch of Honey! 

Well, that's how they were described by General Mills, the company that produced the 80's cereal. We prefer to call them Wayne Gretzky's cereal. 

There were many fans of Pro Stars cereal, and countless forums wishing that the cereal would be resurrected after it had the plugged pulled over two decades ago. 


These fans may just get their wish. 

Box cover superstar Wayne Gretzky tweeted out a mystery tweet that appears to have something hidden behind a large animated question mark. While it doesn't necessarily mean that it is Pro Stars cereal, the question mark appears next to a jug of milk (bagged milk, at that) which bodes well for cereal hypothesis. 

The cereal appears to be popular enough that General Mills could probably make a killing, and with no sugar added it has the "relatively healthy" factor that is so important in today's world. 

Let's hope when that question mark drops we're all treated to a rare return from a retro cereal. 

Next up, Flutie Flakes?​

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