In case you don’t play hockey and are unaware that home dressers exist, they do. A home dresser is somebody that gets into their hockey gear before they get to the rink. This could be a time saving technique, or possibly because they want to spend as little time as possible in a stinky hockey dressing room. Whatever the reason, they seem to be appearing more frequently as of late.

Usually a home dresser would dress up 90 percent of the way, but save the rest for when they get there. In fact, the New York Rangers were seen doing just that last week.


Now, we’re starting to see home dressers emerge with more and more equipment on.

First we saw this legendary home dresser, cruising down the highway with everything but his gloves on


#HockeyGuy through and through, #dressthendrive

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Most recently, we saw a whole carpool of home dressers making their way to the game.


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To make things even more epic, it’s set to Phil Collins and the legendary drumbeat that has captured all of our love

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