Did you know picking up an opponent's stick and playing with it is a penalty?  We all remember the famous clip of Bobby Ryan scoring with Mikko Koivu's stick and he didn't get a penalty for that, but apparently you can get a penalty and we were reminded of that fact Tuesday night.

During the Golden Knights and Capitals game, Nick Holden's stick got stuck and Evgeny Kuznetsov didn't have a stick because he dropped his earlier in the shift.  Rather than pick up his own stick, Kuznetsov grabbed Holden's and started playing, which resulted in a penalty.

Kuznetsov knew he was probably going to get a penalty, but in that situation, you just have to own it and act like you did nothing wrong.
The game didn't get much better for Kuznetsov as Fleury did his celebration after Vegas beat Washington.
(H/T: Washington Capitals)