Athletes from across the sports world are so well known by the millions of fans across the world, but referees are relatively unknown, unless they do something to go viral and get people talking.

Wes McCauley, for example, is probably the most well-known official in hockey right now, and while some hockey fans were familiar with him before his viral moment last season, most were introduced to him during a Bruins and Canadiens game.



Is this the greatest penalty announcement of all-time? (Via Twitter/RDSca)

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Since that moment, McCauley has become a fan favourite and he's had other awesome mic'd up moments, too, like this one from the playoffs last season.


Wednesday night, McCauley was officiating the Islanders and Flyers game, and less than a minute into the game, he had to review a potential goal.

When McCauley was done reviewing the goal, though, he had some trouble making the announcement due to technical difficulties:


McCauley hilariously powered through the technical difficulties to deliver the call and even though it wasn't a goal for the Flyers, we're sure they even enjoyed the announcement.

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