No referee in hockey is more well-known than Wes McCauley.  The man known for his incredibly dramatic calls has become a fan, player and coach favourite because of them and whenever he has a chance to go viral, McCauley takes advantage.


McCauley was one of the referees selected to officiate the NHL All-Star game last weekend and he gave the fans, players and coaches exactly what they wanted, a dramatic call after a review.

During All-Star weekend, McCauley proved he's much more than just dramatic calls, though.  

The 46-year-old was mic'd up for the game and the conversations he had with some of the players were more entertaining than his best calls.


Thankfully McCauley didn't have to call a penalty on Steven Stamkos, but fans probably wouldn't have minded if he gave Marchand a minor so they could boo him to no end like they did all weekend long.


Based on these on-ice interactions, you can see that the players respect Wes and he respects them, and that's all that matters at the end of the day because it's important for officials and players to have that mutual respect, especially in the heat of competition.

(H/T: NHL)