It’s not every day that we include the names Wes McCauley and Machine Gun Kelly in the same sentence, but here we are.

Look, we’re not fashion gurus at BarDown but we do know a hockey referee jersey when we see one, and that’s exactly what MGK decided to wear while getting on a knee and proposing so now-fiancé Meagan Fox. Kind of? It sure looked like he was rocking one on Wednesday night and you just knew someone was going to call it out…


5 MINUTES. For proposssssssinnnnnnggggggg.


On a serious note though- can we get Wes to officiate this wedding? You never know if two of the invites are going to drop the bow ties at any moment. What will the wedding party do then? They’ll need a ref of Wes’ prowess if things get ugly. Think about all of the celebrities that are going to be there!!!!

The two have been officially dating since June 15th and we couldn’t be happier for them. Hopefully the groomsmen will also be dressed like refs when the couple officially ties the knot.