It's the end of the Kyle Dubas era in Toronto in a separating of ways that has become the hottest non-Playoffs story in hockey. Not only was the move relatively surprising for a lot of hockey fans and pundits, but it came with a fully disclosed and detailed titimeline of events that was incredibly un-Leaf-like. 
The reaction around the hockey world was relatively divided. Some believe the move was a mistake, as Kyle Dubas has proven to be an above-par analytical manager that has carved out personal relationships with guys that may be looking for contracts (ahem, Auston Matthews). Others believe it was time for a fresh start regardless of how the fallout happened, and the fact that the Leafs have failed to get closer than 11 wins away from a Cup is an indication of needed change. 
Following the move, Luca and Corwin gave their initial reactions to the move. They dive into the positives and negatives of the move, and ultimately decide if it was a good move from Brendan Shanahan and the Leafs. 

This was recorded before some information came out. For example, the video indicates that Jason Spezza is no longer seen as a realistic possibility after resigning from his position with the team. 
Also, Corwin mentions that Dubas has not released any comments, but since then he actually has. 

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