For Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, the Vegas Golden Knights brought out legendary boxing announcer Michael Buffer to introduce the starting lineups.

Saturday night, the Capitals countered that move for Game 3 with 'Wheel of Fortune' host and Caps fan Pat Sajak announcing the starting lineups and he did a wonderful job, but made on the name of the first player he introduced.

"Brayden" is an easy name to pronounce, but everyone makes mistakes and although Pat has a ton of experience in television, announcing the starting lineups ahead of a Stanley Cup Final game is very different.

As we said before, though, aside from that one little mistake (which he corrected immediately), Pat nailed the rest of the names and while he announced the Caps' starting lineup, the jumbotron displayed a Wheel of Fortune board displaying the player's name.

(H/T: NHL on NBC)