We love us a good touchdown celebration, and this week, the CFL offered not one, but two top-flight displays of brilliance in flexing on opponents.

Fantasy owners should pat themselves on the back if they selected Darvin Adams this week, after the Winnipeg Blue Bombers receiver went for 162 yards and two touchdowns. After his second major of the night, he decided to commandeer one of the game cameras for a bit of fun.

Maybe better yet was D’haquille Williams’ celebration on Saturday night. After connecting with Mike Reilly in the endzone, he decides to go for a little trip!

Let it go on record: Duke Williams is a big fan of Booster Juice.

Listen, there’s still some time left in the week for somebody in tonight’s game between the Calgary Stampeders and Saskatchewan Roughriders to bust in on this conversation, but the bar has been set high. Like, Kamar Jorden might have to start twerking in the endzone or something.