As many sports fans know, it's always better to get a championship tattoo after your team wins rather than getting it before.

Sure, if you get the tattoo beforehand and your team wins, you look like a genius, but if they don't end up winning, you get ripped apart by the internet.

Safe to say one of these fans is going to get ripped apart, as an Atlanta fan and New England fan showcased their 'Super Bowl Champs' tattoos ahead of the big game.



We thought the Falcons fans were the only ones doing this.....(Via @banks)

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So, who will be overjoyed that their team won and who will be ruthlessly ripped by the internet?  Make your pick.

Another question, will the loser be ripped apart more than this Cowboys fan who got a Super Bowl Champs tattoo during the season?

Only time will tell.

(H/T: Bro Bible)