It’s finally over.

After months and months of keeping fans on edge, the Toronto Maple Leafs announced they reached a deal with William Nylander. The agreement was reported by Darren Dreger with less than 5 minutes remaining until the 5 PM Eastern Time deadline to sign RFAs.


The internet erupted after the news broke, mainly Leaf fans rejoicing from learning they’ll have their 22-year-old for the rest of the season. But of all the responses, Nylander’s stuck out the most. He very blunty tweeted that he’s simply “coming home.”



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So Nylander’s taking the cake right now on his own profile but there was still plenty of other solid stuff on the web. You might recognize one of these movie scenes from a certain movie called ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’…



#WilliamNylander is late, but he WILL play 😱 ••• #repost @bardown

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#Nylander isn’t going anywhere 😏 ••• #repost @bardown

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Okay, so there was one more tweet that we wanted to save until the end. General Manager Kyle Dubas made sure to get in on the action, too!


We’re sure there will be more to come after the Leafs wrap things up against the Minnesota Wild on the road.

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