Corwin, Luca, Jesse, DZ, and Sam are back with a thrilling twist in their latest mystery box unveiling – they've taken the challenge to the ice!

The excitement goes up a notch as the order of mystery box selection is determined through classic hockey skill challenges. From target shooting and one-touch passing to the finesse of hockey curling, the crew puts their skills to the test, all in the hopes of landing the sweetest prizes hidden within the mystery box.

Ten challenges, three winners each, with tons of prizes up for grabs! Who will come home with the best hockey memorabilia?  

An Adam Fantilli signed Michigan jersey? A glass puck filled with water? Ed Belfour’s whiskey bottle? Click below to watch the full video!



If you haven’t already, check out our last mystery box opening video here!



Shoutout to Pristine Auction for hooking the boys up once again with this insane hockey mystery box!