The masks just keep on coming.

Winnipeg Jets goaltender Eric Comrie joined a long list of players this morning to have his new helmet for the upcoming season revealed on Twitter. The NHL shared the new art piece on their account and let us tell you… it didn’t disappoint one bit!


As you’d expect, it received some pretty positive feedback in the Twitter thread.


One fan also pointed out his confusion, due to the fact that Comrie is still technically an RFA. Guess this could be seen as a good sign for Jets fans?


As we mentioned earlier, Comrie hasn’t been the only one this summer to release a new mask. Just last week, newly signed Chicago Blackhawks tendy Cam Ward’s surfaced on the internet.


And before him, the internet was graced with Chad Johnson’s beautiful new headwear.


We’re sure there will still be a couple new ones released over the next two months. The question now becomes…

… How do they compare to these bad boys?