Although in her prime as one of the greatest players in the WNBA today, Minnesota Lynx star Maya Moore skipped the entire 2019 season in order to advocate for a family friend, Jonathan Irons, who she believed had been wrongfully convicted.

On Monday, Irons’ conviction was overturned, in no small part due to Moore’s help. Irons had been imprisoned for 22 years after being convicted of burglary and assault.

Despite Irons’ release, Moore has already announced that she will skip the upcoming 2020 season as well in order to continue advocating for criminal justice reform.

Moore is already well-decorated with four WNBA championships as well as an MVP award, but at 30 years of age, she only has so many peak years left. It’s definitely no small thing for any athlete to postpone their career in order to dedicate their time to a worthwhile social cause.

h/t Twitter/katie_barnes3