Now that baseball is back, we get to see just how much of the Fortnite mania is going to seep into the sport. Turns out, baseball players -- just like everybody else in the sports world -- have embraced the game, too. To show some love, Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts broke out the “Take the L” dance from the game after hitting a double on Opening Day.

The dance is one of the victory emotes that a player can use after winning a game, although at this point in the culture, “take the L” is pretty universally understood. With that said, if you were to compare Bogaerts’ dance to the version done by players in the game, it seems safe to say that there’s a bit of effort missing on Bogaerts’ part. Kick those legs up, son:


Playing against the Tampa Bay Rays, Bogaerts went 3-for-3 with two doubles and two RBIs. It was a strong season debut for an All-Star hopeful, but, after the Red Sox blew a lead in the ninth inning to lose in extras, Bogaerts ended up as the one who took the L.

As far as on-base celebrations go, though, there’s a lot of opportunity for more Fortnite references to make their way to baseball. A number of players across the MLB have already publicized their love for the game, so more celebrations from the game should be on the way.

Next up in baseball: Possibly the "Ride the Pony" dance?



What’s better the goal or the celebration? . . . (via @howieshockeytape / @bucshockey)

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